At least 10 more police officers may be placed in New Orleans public schools by the end of the year, Mayor Marc Morial said Nov. 13.

Placing more officers in city schools comes after two students shot each other at Carter G. Woodson Middle School on Sept. 26.

Following the shooting, Morial said he intended to ask for permission to use federal grant money immediately to assign existing officers to schools. The U.S. Department of Justice approved his request.

Morial asked schools Chief Executive Officer Al Davis to decide where additional officers should be deployed.

He also directed the New Orleans Police Department to quickly schedule a one-day training session for the reassigned officers.

“Where should they be assigned?” Morial asked at a City Council summit on preventing youth violence. “At the middle schools? At the high schools? I’m interested in having them assigned where the problems are.”

The school district has nine police officers, eight of whom float among more than 120 schools. One officer was assigned to Woodson after the shooting there.

Davis said he would like to have at least one officer in each of the district’s 45 middle and high schools so officers can develop relationships with school administrators and work with at-risk students.

Davis said additional officers would not create a “police-type atmosphere.”