Aims Multimedia, of Chatsworth, Calif., provides quality curriculum-based multimedia to schools, school libraries, and universities. Visit the Aims Multimedia web site:

(800) 367-2467

AlphaSmart Inc., headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., develops and markets affordable and effective technology solutions for the education market. Visit AlphaSmart’s web site:

(888) 274-0680

America Online, based in Dulles, Va., offers schools a safe and easy internet content program at no cost. Visit the AOL@school web site:

(888) 648-4023

AWS Inc., based in Gaithersburg, Md., is a leading provider of hyper-local news, weather, and sports information to schools via web technologies. Visit the AWS web site:

(301) 258-8390, of New York, is an education destination delivering all the components required to support the learning community. Visit’s web site:

(800) 860-9228

Boxer Learning, of Charlottesville, Va., offers online courses that correspond to statewide curricula. Visit the Boxer Learning web site:

(800) 736-2824

Classroom Connect, located in Foster City, Calif., sells internet literacy products, online interactive curricula, and resources for integrating the internet into the curriculum. Visit the Classroom Connect web site:

(800) 638-1639

eChalk, located in New York, is an affordable, state-of-the-art, private, secure, web-based network to connect your entire K-12 community. Visit the eChalk web site:

(800) 809-3349

Edmark Corp., of Redmond, Wash., has been a pioneer in developing innovative and effective educational materials for children for more than 30 years. Visit the Edmark web site:

(800) 691-2986, of Horsham, Pa., is a leading provider of comprehensive online procurement solutions for K-12 schools. Visit the web site:

(877) 960-7246

Follett Software Corp., of River Grove, Ill., is a leader in library automation and management tools for K-12 education. Visit the Follett Software web site:

(800) 621-4345

Gateway Inc., of San Diego, is a Fortune 250 company focusing on building lifelong relationships with businesses and consumers through complete technology personalization. Visit the Gateway web site:


IBM Corp., headquartered in New York, provides powerful tools that help enrich educational programs. Visit the IBM web site:

(877) 222-6426

Jackson Software, of Glencoe, Ill., is the creator of GradeQuick, a grading, attendance, and seating chart software system. Visit the Jackson Software

web site:

(800) 850-1777

Keystone National, of Bloomsburg, Pa., is an accredited high school that provides students with the means to earn high school credits or a diploma from home. Visit the Keystone

National web site:

(800) 255-4937

Knowledge Adventure, of Torrance and Glendale, Calif., is a leader in developing, publishing, and distributing multimedia educational software. Visit the Knowledge Adventure web site:

(800) 545-7677

Learning 2000, of Lawrenceburg, Tenn., provides interactive educational multimedia. Visit the Learning 2000 web site:

(888) 968-5327

Lesson Link, of Temecula, Calif., is dedicated to developing and providing web-based academic courses to students, schools, and corporations in need of learning. Visit the Lesson Link web site:

(909) 676-7290

Lyceum Communications, based in Portland, Maine, is a software and web-based services company specializing in language arts, and is the creator of Get a Clue software. Visit the Get a Clue web site:

(888) 321-2583, of Corona, Calif., provides a high-speed network for K-12 districts complete with internet service, filtering, caching, content, and thin clients. Visit the Meshworx web site:

(877) 723-3787

NetSchools Corp., headquartered in Atlanta, puts one-to-one e-learning into the hands of every student and provides a fully integrated system that addresses the issues of accountability, alignment, assessment, and achievement. Visit the NetSchools web site:

(877) 638-7247

OCD Network Systems, of Dayton, Ohio, is a leader in educational technology integration. Visit the OCD Network Systems web site:

(800) 244-8915

PCS is an online school for children ages 6 and up that teaches subjects ranging from art to engineering through hands-on activities and guided, online support. Visit the PCS web site:

Premio Computer Inc., headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., provides K-12 and university campuses with desktops and servers for all computing needs. Visit the Premio web site:

(800) 677-6477

Riverdeep Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., designs, develops, publishes, markets, and supports interactive learning solutions for K-12 education. Visit the Riverdeep web site:

(800) 564-2587

Sirsi Corp., of Huntsville, Ala., designs library management systems for all sizes and types of libraries, including academic, public, school, and government. Visit the Sirsi Corp. web site:

(800) 91-SIRSI

Turner Learning Inc., of Atlanta, is an educational division of Turner Broadcasting dedicated to enhancing education by making commercial-free cable programming and curriculum materials available to schools. Visit the Turner Learning web site:

(800) 344-6219

Youthline USA, of Howell, N.J., is a unique, safe, and secure internet-based educational service for K-12 schools. Visit the Youthline USA web site:

(888) 299-6884