Are your students curious about how students in other cultures and countries live their lives? Can they even imagine a place where speaking three languages is not only normal, but expected? Or where elephants walk alongside traffic? Or where people are so used to the cold, they wear bathing suits when they play in the snow? In November, 3Com Corp. and the Planet Project invited students ages 13 to 20 from across the world to participate in an online poll. The Planet Project “Student Underground” poll is part of a larger international poll taking place at the same time, in which millions of people around the world are invited to answer a series of questions about what it’s like to be a human being at the beginning of the millennium. The “Student Underground” portion of the Planet Project consists of 20 questions, each written by a student hand-selected by 3Com and the Planet Project. The poll hopes to spur further discussion about how our communities can work together globally to provide internet access the classrooms everywhere. The results of this survey should provide a great jumping-off point for teachers interested in creating discussion about foreign cultures, world events, technology, and demographics.