A partnership of Massachusetts school districts has given their teachers some virtual space to work in. The project, known as the Virtual Education Space, aims to supply enough work space on the web for all the state’s roughly 80,000 public school teachers.

Massachusetts teachers will be able to log onto the network with individual passwords. There, they can use their web space initially for interactive personal calendars, as well as message boards and chat rooms to discuss teaching issues.

Later, the network will carry curriculum guidelines tailored to the needs of individual teachers. Lesson plans also will be posted.

“One of the complaints you hear from lots of teachers is they feel they’re on their own … and they’re reinventing the wheel a lot of times,” said Mark Rodgers, a spokesman for the Virtual Education Space Inc.

The nonprofit group will help manage the network for school districts. The network was announced Nov. 7 at a conference of the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators in Sturbridge.

The network eventually will make space for exchanges among students and parents, too. Children will be able to do homework on the network, and parents will be able to communicate with teachers, said Springfield’s interim Superintendent Teresa Regina.