“Teach for Tomorrow” is designed by educators to meet the unique needs of teachers who seek to make the best use of the internet in their classrooms. The site helps teachers understand how to use internet technology and content for instruction, presentation, lesson planning, research, and collaboration. Like many online courses, TFT begins with an introduction to internet tools. However, the site also helps educators understand how the internet can be a powerful teaching tool to prepare students for the work world and a life of learning. TFT covers subjects such as best uses of the internet with students; bookmarks and web pages as teacher tools for instruction and for structuring; student use of the internet; learning and teaching online search strategies; curriculum-planning with the internet; and learning and teaching web-page authoring. All educators are welcome to use this unique, free online course. Users must register so that TFT can monitor the volume of course use and use that information to improve and expand what it offers. The online course materials can be used by a single teacher for independent online learning, by a group of teachers working with the aid of a trained facilitator, for a combination of independent and group learning, or by a trainer (media specialist, technology coordinator, or teacher) working with a school- or district-based group of teachers, for internet training materials. TFT was created by Michigan’s Merit Network Inc. with funding from the Michigan Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, and other sources.