This gigantic site from the Arts & Entertainment Network features biographical information on more than 25,000 personalities and provides a great starting point for historical exploration, background information on important figures, and interesting photographs of the famous and the infamous. A search mechanism allows students and teachers to plug in any name and instantly receive a biography of that particular person. The uses for this site are endless. Science teachers can gain information about Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, and Albert Einstein. History teachers can find information about past presidents and other important figures like Mahatma Ghandi, Wilbur and Orville Wright, and Henry VIII. English teachers have access to introductory materials on almost any author of their choosing, from Hemingway to Fitzgerald to Shakespeare to Richard Wright. Each figure’s biography is accompanied by links to other relevant web sites, photographs, and video footage, where available. In addition to the site’s superb archive, the Biography home page gives daily links to biographies on a certain figure born on that day, as well as newly added biographies.