ExploreMath.com, from ExploreLearning, is a resource for math education, providing teachers with the ability to set up and easily maintain course pages for each class they teach. Educators can post assignments, add links, and upload files, all without any experience in web authoring. In addition, dozens of lesson plans and resources are available to registered users free of charge. The site features an Activities section that presents students with interactive Shockwave activities that create real-time correlations between equations and graphs, helping students visualize and experiment with many of the major concepts from elementary algebra through pre-calculus. Activities include “points in the plane,” “lines and linear equations,” “quadratics and polynomials,” “inequalities,” “trigonometry,” and “absolute values” The lesson plans are all contributed by teachers and cover many of the same issues. Some titles of lesson plans include “Complex Absolute Values,” “Parabola with Horizontal Directrix,” “Slope Calculation,” and “Reflections of a Quadratic Function.” ExploreMath.com also directs students and teachers to online discussions in a variety of topic areas, so they can share information and questions with other ExploreMath.com users.