N2H2 Inc., a company that offers internet filtering solutions to schools, has announced the launch of a brand-new online resource, FilteringInfo.org. The web site is designed to provide teachers, librarians, administrators, and technology coordinators with information and resources to help them comply with the new federally mandated filtering legislation, including how to receive funding for filtering technologies and where to get answers to questions. FilteringInfo.org comes on the heels of former President Clinton’s signature of the fiscal year 2001 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill, which included the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The new legislation requires public schools and libraries that receive federal funding for internet access to install filtering technologies. N2H2’s FilteringInfo.org site is designed to be a free, impartial, and easy-to-use service for schools. The site is divided into five sections for quick reference. “About Filtering” provides users with an overview of filtering, how it works, and steps for choosing the right solution. “Compliance” provides a step-by-step guide for determining requirements for schools and libraries under the new law. Section three provides “Resources” and links to information about education technology issues, with an emphasis on eRate funding. The “Funding” segment provides links to information regarding school and library funding issues, and “Staying Informed” provides notification of updated information on the ever-changing legislative landscape.