Web sites are critical for attracting quality teachers in today’s competitive environment. Unfortunately, many district human resource directors have left the web as a low priority, often out of fear that creating and maintaining a good site will be too difficult or time-consuming.

Here is a five-day program that can fast-track development of a teacher recruitment web site:

Day One. Take stock of what is available. Make sure the appropriate computer technology is available to host the web site that is to be created. This is not as complicated as it seems, because many companies offer reasonably priced hosting services and support. Also, make sure staff members who can perform the necessary web tasks are identified and are involved in the project.

Day Two. Decide what the site will contain. First, focus on the basics—district information, teacher salaries, human resources department staff names and contact numbers. Write a description of how to apply for positions. Then, identify the positions that are available.

Days Three and Four. Create the web pages. This can be accomplished in two days, if days one and two have been used productively and support has been lined up for tasks such as importing the school’s logo, performing data entry for each job posting, and proofreading of finished web pages. If possible, create an online job application form. Link to other district-related sites, including all district schools with web sites. Give each link a clear title, like “Employment Opportunities for Teachers.” Also, link to local chambers of commerce, newspapers, and other resources that will tell potential candidates about your area.

Day Five. Get the site up and running. An experienced technical person likely will be needed for this step. Make sure to learn from this expert how he or she accomplished the task, so that updated job postings and other information can be added easily throughout the year.