Even when a school is wired, the computers are in place, and the students are ready, many teachers are overwhelmed rather than exhilarated by the challenges presented by the internet. But help is at hand. “Building a School Web Site” describes a hands-on project that teachers and kids can do together. Using short, informative essays and systematic directions, this friendly and accessible guide explains everything educators need to build a web site. It covers the big picture, including topics such as using a web editor, standards, bandwidth, search engine placement, and animation. It also covers the details with simple, systematic directions. Designed specifically for beginners, yet precise in its technical content, “Building a School Web Site” is a good means for people to get on the web, not only as surfers, but also as creators. Wanda Wigglebits, the cyber-guide for the site, encourages folks to actually write some hypertext markup language, or HTML. According to Wanda, learning a little HTML is like learning arithmetic before using a calculator. It not only provides a crucial framework for understanding the web; it provides an important skill and a sense of mastery. As Wanda says, “Trust me, honey. When you put those first few lines of HTML in a file and then look at them in your browser, you’ll feel like you can conquer the world!”