As the web becomes ubiquitous in the classroom, there is a risk that disabled students will be left behind, especially disabled students who have difficulty manipulating traditional keyboards. Numerous products have been invented to help these students, and several web sites offer extensive information about ways to help these students keep pace with their peers.

Top sites include:

1. InfoGrip Inc. ( Manufactures the BAT Personal Keyboard, which is specifically designed for people who have the use of only one hand. Along with software that helps customize the computer to the keyboard, the BAT technology brings a new level of ease of use for disabled students.

2. IntelliTools Inc. ( Manufacturers a special keyboard and accompanying software that can work for students with different needs through a simple adjustment, incorporating one of various keyboard overlays.

3. National Rehabilitation Information Center ( The federal government’s clearinghouse for information about rehabilitation of thedisabled. The site offers abstracts and full texts of thousands of books, journal articles, and case studies. It also has staff available to respond to specific online or telephone queries.

4. Center for IT Accommodation, Office of Governmentwide Policy ( Another federal agency focused on giving the disabled access to mainstream services and resources. As its title suggests, it’s focused on the technology sector, and it has funded numerous demonstrations of innovative technology and training.

5. Teachers Net ( One of the many web portals that encourage teacher-to-teacher interaction. On this site are well-used bulletin boards, through which teachers discuss special education needs and computer technology.