“Professional Development: Learning from the Best” is a toolkit created by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, based on the experiences of 20 award-winning schools and districts. It’s designed to help administrators improve professional development in their own schools or districts. The guide is based on the extensive applications submitted by award winners, reports by site visitors who helped select the winners, interviews with professional development organizers in award-winning schools and districts, and a review of staff development organizing tools used by winners. The author analyzed these sources for common themes and good ideas applicable to other schools and districts. Rather than present the findings school-by-school or district-by-district, this tool kit pulls out the key lessons across the schools and districts and organizes them into a step-by-step process you can use to meet U.S. Department of Education awards criteria in your own district. The tool kit can be viewed on the web site or downloaded via PDF files in whole or in segments. The portions available for viewing on the web site include the introduction and overview, as well as the four steps to designing an effective professional development agenda. Step One provides tools for designing a professional development plan, Step Two involves implementing the plan, Step Three outlines ways to evaluate and improve a professional development plan, and Step Four is about sharing the plan. This toolkit is a terrific starting place for designing a staff development plan of your own.