March is National Women’s History Month, and in keeping with that theme educators should direct their students to the National Women’s History Project web site. Teachers will want to bypass the main page of the site and head right for the educational content, provided in the “Learning Place” portion of the site. The National Women’s History Project Learning Place is designed to provide educators with information and educational materials about multicultural women’s history. Among the resources gathered here are “Performers,” a list of women’s history costumed performers by state. Audiences across the country can learn about historic women through first-person historical portrayal. The performers listed here will travel to your state and either introduce individual American women and men or focus on fictitious characters from specific time periods. The site also includes a list of women’s museums and organizations by state, and a list of women’s history links in categories ranging from aviators to political leaders to sports figures. Kids can even test their knowledge of women’s history online or with a printout version downloaded from the quiz page. The “Teachers Lounge” provides suggestions to help teachers make women’s history more accessible and lists exercises and games to do with students.