Thirteen/WNET New York and the Disney Learning Partnership have relaunched their Concept to Classroom service with free, multimedia-enhanced seminars and resources for educators. The updated site includes new interactive workshops and tools to help participants apply for credit for the classes they complete. With titles such as “Interdisciplinary Learning in Your Classroom” and “After-school Programs: From Vision to Reality,” Concept to Classroom workshops are divided into four stages. “Explanation” examines educational theory. “Demonstration” shows examples of successful applications that are provided via video, internet links, lesson plans, and activities. “Exploration” is a section that includes potential pitfalls, information about technology integration, and answer to FAQs, and “Implementation” includes support materials that help bring the ideas to life in the classroom. Concept to Classroom workshops are targeted toward K-12 teachers, administrators, computer coordinators, librarians, and media specialists. Thirteen/WNET New York is a key program provider for educational content on public television.