“The Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Online Privacy” is a document developed by Classroom Connect and TRUSTe, a nonprofit, independent initiative dedicated to building consumer trust and confidence in the internet. This guide is intended to equip parents, children, and educators with the knowledge needed to create “cyber-smart” users of the web. In a letter to parents and educators, TRUSTe and Classroom Connect write, “According to the latest surveys, two-thirds of all internet purchases come from households with kids. As the explosion in internet use among children continues, defending their safety and privacy online will become an increasingly important job for parents and teachers.” The guide provides educators with model privacy statements, information on the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and an explanation of how to get the TRUSTe Children’s privacy seal on your web site. There is also a list of privacy rules for kids, a glossary of terms, and links to more privacy sites. The purpose of the guide’s information is “to empower children and adults with information designed to help everyone use and enjoy the internet safely. Together with your children at home or in the classroom, use this guide as a starting point to teach kids how to be ‘cybersmart,’ so that they can understand for themselves how to control the uses of their personal information and protect their privacy.” The guide is available online in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.