The following four web sites offer background information about human-rights issues and provide valuable resources for social science students:

  1. People’s Decade of Human Rights Education ( Oriented toward student education, this site breaks down human rights into 23 key categories, such as ethnicity, health, and peace. Developed by a leading human rights lobbying group, it provides text from, and links to, prominent international human rights groups.

  2. Derechos Human Rights ( Identified as the first “internet-based human rights organization,” this group provides up-to-date news about human rights violations and related matters. An interactive map enables students to seek out information on human rights issues in any part of the world. Visitors can sign up for a free newsletter.

  3. WITNESS ( Created by musician Peter Gabriel and the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, this group creates high-quality videos about human rights issues every two weeks. The videos can be viewed online (with proper technology). Students also can learn about how the group investigates violations of human rights.

  4. University of Minnesota Human Rights Library ( This site provides a compilation of more than 6,500 articles and documents in English, Spanish, French, and Russian. It also features a good search capability.