Who was St. Patrick? Did he really drive all the snakes out of Ireland? What Irish national symbol was part of St. Patrick’s Christian teachings? What’s the meaning of “Erin Go Bragh?” What are some fun things to do to celebrate the Irish national holiday? The History Channel’s St. Patrick’s Day web site is an informative look at the March 17 holiday. In keeping with the History Channel’s excellent reputation for compelling, accurate, and informative programming, this web site gives all the fascinating details related to St. Patrick’s Day. Detailed information on Ireland’s conversion from paganism to Christianity and the Anglo-Irish conflict that consumed the Emerald Isle for 800 years is included. Irish scholars can take an online quiz on the history of Ireland, and the “Interactive Ireland” section of the site provides users with a map of the country so they can click on certain areas to get more information about the region’s history, attractions, and culture.