Grants for strengthening education in low-income neighborhoods

The Citigroup Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Citibank Corp., dedicates approximately 75 percent of its charitable contributions to community development and education programs. The foundation’s K-12 giving focuses on strengthening education in low-income neighborhoods. Its grants emphasize the creation of “smarter schools” and “smarter classrooms.” The “smarter schools” initiative supports improvements in the governance of public schools and higher standards for student performance. It also funds alternative schools that offer more individual attention to students, as well as mentoring and tutoring programs. The “smarter classrooms” initiative supports innovative classroom technologies and successful school-to-work programs. The Citigroup Foundation prefers to solicit proposals from grantees with demonstrated successes. Unsolicited proposals will be accepted, but a favorable decision is less likely. For guidelines, see the foundation’s web site.

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