At “Archiving Early America,” students will find a wealth of instructive and entertaining resources. The main focus is primary-source material from 18th-century America, all displayed digitally. A unique array of original newspapers, maps, and writings come to life on the screen, just as they appeared to our forebears more than 200 years ago. As students browse through these original documents, they will gain a better understanding of America’s early residents, those who shaped and created the new republic. These archival materials, which form a historical record of a significant time in the American experience, are displayed in their original formats, so they can be read and examined close-up and in detail. Of special interest are two issues of the Maryland Gazette (March 21 and 28, 1754) containing George Washington’s journal of his historic trip to the Ohio Valley. It is the only original copy privately held. Because of its historic significance and its rarity (most Americans are unaware of its existence), the journal can be viewed here in its entirety—exactly as Washington wrote it, down to the last comma, apostrophe, and period. It’s available in the Milestone Documents section of the site. All of the site’s materials are proprietary and protected under copyright laws, but commercial use of these images is available by license.