“The Buddy Project: Teacher Resources” offers a host of web sites, guides, and information to help educators integrate technology successfully into the classroom. Launched in 1988 by the Indianapolis-based nonprofit Corporation for Educational Technology, the Buddy Project is funded through a variety of sources, including a state initiative through the Indiana General Assembly, as well as contributions and grants from public and private funds. According to its web site, the project “develops and facilitates demonstration projects of leading-edge student learning environments for K-12 schools using technology in anytime, anywhere settings.” Teachers from around the country can get lesson plans created by their peers that connect technology with classroom curriculum, and they can get links to other web sites showing how schools have published curriculum that integrates the internet. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, teachers can view and print the handouts that Buddy Project facilitators have created. These handouts offer tips for integrating technology into classroom curriculum, as well as tips for establishing school-home connections. Teachers can find out how their school can step beyond the classroom walls by joining collaborative projects, and they can learn how to enter contests that could earn money, equipment, software, or other awards.