Pearson PLC’s Learning Network has teamed up with Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) to offer timely resources for addressing school violence, including free lesson plans for teaching conflict resolution.

On Learning Network’s, teachers can take advantage of a variety of resources on how to address conflict resolution in the classroom. Developed by ESR, the resources are categorized by grade levels for quick reference. Teachers can access the information by clicking on or by selecting the following links:

1. Five Styles of Handling Children’s Conflicts
Tailored for the pre-K to second-grade classroom, this feature explains how each style is both useful and limiting.

2. What About Fighting
This feature for students in grades 3 to 5 provides a step-by-step procedure for an in-class discussion about fighting.

3. What Is a Peaceable Classroom? This section features a classroom activity that enables students to discuss and define the terms “peace” and “community.”

4. Resolution Vocabulary This is a comprehensive list of terms and definitions related to conflicts and conflict resolution.

ESR is nationally recognized for its comprehensive programs, resources, and training in social and emotional learning, conflict resolution, violence prevention, and intergroup relations.
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