The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) has redesigned its web site to provide visitors with easy access to innovative stories about teaching and learning for the digital age. GLEF is a nonprofit foundation that gathers and disseminates the most innovative models of K-12 teaching and learning. It serves this mission through the creation of media, from films, books, and newsletters, to CD-ROMs and web-based materials. The GLEF web site uses digital technology to act as a web-based multimedia resource center, providing hundreds of powerful examples of learning and teaching already successful in our nation’s schools. This information is provided on demand to a worldwide audience in an effort to stimulate active involvement and guide choices in school reform. The GLEF audience includes teachers, administrators, school board members, other elected officials, parents, researchers, and business and community leaders. The site’s web-based articles, video clips, and other resources are organized into three major categories: Innovative Classrooms, Skillful Educators, and Involved Communities. New content includes articles on topics critical to teaching and learning, such as “Emotional Intelligence,” “Coaching the Coaches,” and “Parents as Partners.”