KnowledgeBox, from Pearson Broadband, is a web appliance that features pre-loaded multimedia content from Pearson’s Learning Network for K-6 schools.

The KnowledgeBox content server contains hundreds of standards-based, ready-to-use interactive lessons enhanced with video, animations, and thousands of additional interactive media resources. Teachers and students can access these resources through the school’s own network, rather than relying on the quality of the internet connection to deliver the content.

The KnowledgeBox content is continually growing, as it is derived from Pearson Broadband’s collection of more than 7,000 video clips, 1,500 software animations, and thousands of documents and activity pages. The content resources are crafted into standards-based lessons, but teachers also can create their own custom lessons. Next year, Pearson Broadband says it will offer a “peer network,” so teachers and students can share lessons and projects with each other.

A subscription to KnowledgeBox costs $18,000 for each school building annually.

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