“PowerPoint in the Classroom” is an eight-part tutorial to help K-12 teachers incorporate the use of Microsoft’s PowerPoint effectively in the classroom. PowerPoint is a high-powered software tool used for presenting information in a dynamic slide show format. Text, charts, graphs, sound effects, and video are just some of the elements PowerPoint can incorporate into school presentations. Whether it’s a classroom lesson, a parents’ group meeting, a teachers’ seminar, or an unattended kiosk at the science fair, learning PowerPoint can help educators and administrators make a powerful impression on their audience. This site helps educators learn the basics of using PowerPoint’s toolbars, laying out information, saving, and moving information to the presentation site. Just to tweak your memory, the tutorial includes a quiz question at the end of each new section. The “Cool For School” page is a great source for extra tips and tricks for using PowerPoint in the classroom.