AOL Time Warner and online test preparation provider TestU have teamed up to offer free SAT preparation to all students through the AOL@School web site. In an effort to equalize the playing field for all kids going to college and also to increase recognition of its brand name, TestU has provided a four-week SAT “Crunch” course on the AOL@School web portal, which receives millions of page views each month. TestU’s free “Crunch” course diagnoses a student’s ability and then provides the student with a customized curriculum, based on his or her strengths and weaknesses. The online course also provides practice tests with sample questions culled from past SAT exams. Students who practice for the SAT with TestU’s service generally increase their scores by about 130 points, said Richard Bolton, TestU’s president and chief executive officer. The “Crunch” course can be accessed directly via the URL above, or it can be accessed from the High School section of the AOL@School portal by clicking on the “College” button. Besides its free SAT preparation course, TestU also sells test-prep content to help prepare students for high-stakes state assessments.