Securexam, from Software Secure Inc. of Brookline, Mass., enables students to take exams with a desktop or laptop computer instead of pencil and paper.

The software prevents cheating on exams administered via computer by locking out access to files and programs on the computer, except basic Microsoft Word features. Once the exam is completed, Securexam encrypts students’ answers to prevent them from being accessed or altered. The encryption prevents students from re-entering an exam, except in the event of a system failure or crash. Teachers or test markers can decrypt student answers and get help with the grading process through Securexam’s Grader feature.

Software Secure says its software uses three proprietary security systems that have undergone rigorous scrutiny and are subjected to tests by a panel of computer experts regularly. In the unlikely event that a student cracks the Lock System and attempts to access other information, Securexam’s Alarm System captures and stores pictures of every screen that is viewed and notifies test administrators of any attempted breaches.

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