The goal of NASA’s Learning Technologies Project (LTP) is to promote the growth of a national information infrastructure using the vast amount of scientific information that NASA has acquired. The corresponding web site offers a rich array of resources, such as online instructional materials tied to NASA missions, movies, aeronautics projects, and the Remote Sensing Public Access Center, which makes space instrumentation data available to the public. Access to this knowledge allows the public, academia, and industry to contribute to rapid and significant advances in science, engineering, and technology. This access assists educators and others in creating new curriculum products and tools for enhancing K-12 education. LTP has four distinct areas that carry out its mission. The first is LEARNERS, an acronym that stands for “Leading Educators to Applications, Research, and NASA-unique Educational Resources in Science.” The second area, Regional Outreach Centers, encourages projects that use internet-based instructional materials tied to NASA missions, affordable and innovative K-12 projects that are widely disseminated to the educational community, and NASA activities that inspire students to undertake careers in science, math, and engineering. The Legacy Projects section includes information about grant projects and cooperative agreements that have entered into no-cost extensions. Finally, the site includes technological research within LTP, such as digital testbeds, in its Technology Developments section.