The internet may enhance student research, but it also makes cut-and-paste assignments more tempting than ever. For educators concerned with internet plagiarism, purports to help teachers determine whether their students have “taken” intellectual property from the internet.’s web-based tool analyzes written assignments against its database of hundreds of thousands of papers, as well as general web content. Teachers simply paste a document into a text box and upload it to’s secure system. Twenty-four hours later, teachers receive a custom Originality Report that details the findings of an extensive database and internet search. is a product of iParadigms, an intellectual property protector that also created , which is now maintained as an informational web site for anyone interested in learning more about the growing problem of internet plagiarism. In addition to document analysis, offers digital archiving to help teachers keep accurate indexed records of student work on a secure, in-house database.

Pricing plans for are based on full-time enrollment and estimated yearly usage. You can also sign up for a free trial period to see for yourself how effective the service is before you subscribe.

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