Users of’s bigchalk Library now have access to more than 3,000 three-dimensional animations from Working Stock, a provider of nontraditional visual stock content and a division of Knight Ridder Tribune Information Services. These animations, which will be updated daily, aim to help students better understand how a device or process works and help them visualize complex concepts.

“Visual aids are so critical to student comprehension. Animations, such as these, can often make abstract subjects clear and easy to understand,” said Sue Collins, senior vice president and general manager of

The 3-D animations cover a full range of topics, including health, space exploration, history, technology, weather, environment, nature, transportation, and earth sciences. For example, an animation on Doppler radar enables teachers to show how radio waves are used to gather information about storms. Each animation includes on-screen text and voice-over narration to explain the visual.

The bigchalk Library also offers access to more than 1,000 magazines and newspapers, as well as TV and radio transcripts, books and reference collections, photographs, images, and maps.

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