Many educational web sites offer excellent homework assistance for students. Here are 12 sites to consider recommending to students:

  1. Lightspan StudyWeb: Homework Help ( ). Segmented into grade levels and many subjects, the site provides students with excellent basic information. It also offers activities that will help students turn homework into larger projects, such as maps that students can fill in with information, and it provides advice to parents about how they can help their kids with homework.

  2. BrainMania ( ). Provides online tutors who answer questions and check the accuracy and quality of students’ homework. Students also are encouraged to post questions for other students or participate in moderated chatrooms.

  3. B.J. Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper ( ). A student-created site that provides more than 600 links to subject-specific sites on the web and short descriptions of each site.

  4. ( ). A wide-ranging reference center for students in all grades, segmented into elementary, middle, and high school sections. Offers limited Q&A with online experts. Also includes activities such as virtual field trips.

  5. Homework Hotline Online ( ). A multimedia web site that offers traditional reference materials and web links, but also hosts a math and science television program. For the show, students submit questions to which teachers and students then respond.

  6. High School Hub ( ). Oriented to high-schoolers, the site provides subject outlines for many topics in math, science, English, social studies, technology, the arts, and world languages. Includes other material, too, such as student poetry and some basic information about colleges.

  7. Online Math Help ( ). Another high school-oriented site, this offers information and short tests in math and science to help students prepare for the SAT. Includes access to online tutors.

  8. Discovery School’s Webmath ( ). A site designed to help students with specific math problems, from pre-algebra through calculus.

  9. Math Online ( ). Online math tutors sponsored by Hotline for Homework. Live teachers are online from Sunday through Thursday, 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. CST. For other times, there is a large and well-organized “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

  10. Your Science Fair Project Resource Guide ( ). Offers ideas about science fair projects, links to science resources, and instructions on how to present information attractively.

  11. Astronomy Homework Help ( ). As its name implies, this site offers information and assistance on astronomy-related topics, such as the solar system, the sun, and extra-galactic astronomy. Appropriate for high schoolers.

  12. The History Place – Homework Help! ( ). Simple lessons about how to write a good history paper. Also provides links for typical history-paper topics and reference materials.