Here are four new software packages for K-3 children:

  1. Discover Literacy ( Software for introductory reading skills for pre-K through second grade. The program takes students through simple lessons. Comes with three different stories/lessons, and includes a good teacher’s guide. Cost: $139 per copy.

  2. JumpStart Artist ( Art education for K-3 students. Built around U.S. National Standards for Arts Education, this software focuses on art basics and presents some information on art history. Covers a wide range of art, from European and American masterpieces to folk arts and crafts from around the world. Includes drawing, painting, quilting, puppetry, and collage activities. Cost: $50 for single package; site licenses, $325.

  3. PokeyToes Corner ( Teaches reading and writing to K-3 students, using the character Pokey the Turtle from Turtle Magazine. Includes more than 150 stories, poems, and articles on many subjects.

  4. To Market, To Market ( Teaches basic counting and mathematics to pre-K through third-grade students. Students learn to count and compare prices and quantities by pretending to be buying items at a market. Excellent animation helps keeps kids interested. Cost: $59 for school version with teacher guide; also available as stand-alone CD for $20.