Students can learn about the Human Genome Project in a highly visual and interactive way, thanks to a free CD-ROM developed by IDI Multimedia in collaboration with Henninger Media Services and the National Human Genome Research Institute.

The free CD-ROM, which dynamically guides students through background information on genetics, genome sequencing, and the Human Genome Project, boasts three-dimensional animation of molecules, cells, and DNA; an interactive timeline of genetics; suggested classroom activities; and a glossary of terms.

“It was critical for us to develop a format that would engage our target: student users,” said IDI President John Grzejka. “Of course, for teen-agers, it also had to be cool.”

The new CD-ROM is part of a multimedia kit called “The Human Genome Project: Exploring Our Molecular Selves.” The kit includes an award-winning video documentary, a classroom wall poster, and a brochure. The kit can be ordered at no cost from the web address listed below.