Version 3.0 of MindPlay’s My Reading Coach, an educational tool that provides interactive reading instruction, puts more emphasis on administrator and teacher management tools to help ensure better student performance in phonics, spelling, and reading comprehension skills.

Not only does the My Reading Coach system evaluate a student’s reading ability; it also provides lessons that adapt to each student’s individual needs. Every mistake is instantly corrected with clear feedback tailored to the error, according to MindPlay.

The program’s 47 lessons offer a variety of learning modalities and customized navigation paths. The software’s management system tracks student progress, so teachers can see how students are doing and what mistakes they’re making. For motivation, students get a certificate after each review test and can view their performance reports.

Featuring artificial intelligence and interactive audio/video, My Reading Coach was developed in part by Jim Larrabee, phonics and reading teacher for 25 years and author of the book Phonics Fusion.

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