NetSchools StarClassroom, the latest product from Atlanta-based NetSchools Corp., is a wireless mobile cart solution that combines the power of NetSchools’ online curriculum alignment and integration system, NetSchools Orion, with the company’s award-winning classroom management solution, EduLAN.

This new solution includes NetSchools Orion, the online curriculum alignment and integration system for teachers and students; fully-functional student laptops; an HP Omnibook Notebook PC for the teacher leading the class; and on-site professional development, curriculum correlation, and wireless network technical services.

Also included in NetSchools StarClassroom is NetSchools’ proprietary EduLAN software. EduLAN improves wireless one-to-one eLearning by providing automatic data backup on the school’s server for every student and teacher and increases the ease of computer use in an academic environment, NetSchools said.

The laptops are stored in a Datamation Mobile Notebook Security Cabinet, which holds and recharges between 16 and 36 HP Omnibook 500 Notebook PCs for student use. The laptops are connected through a radio frequency (RF) wireless LAN, allowing students to move easily from one group to another, creating a collaborative and dynamic learning environment.

While NetSchools currently resells the Datamation Mobile Notebook Security Cabinet, NetSchools StarClassroom can be installed on any existing mobile carts in use by a school or district. NetSchools StarClassroom standard configurations include HP Omnibook 500s, which are also featured in the company’s complete one-to-one eLearning solution, NetSchools Constellation. The combination of the HP Omnibook 500’s magnesium case and water-resistant keyboard make it a practical solution for schools seeking a low total-cost-of-ownership implementation. Additionally, the HP Omnibook 500 only weighs 3.5 pounds and has a small footprint, making it an ideal laptop solution for K-12 students, who may use it in a cart or as a fully dedicated tool to take to and from school.

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