This useful educational resource portal was conceived and designed by a retired Long Island junior high school history teacher of 32 years and is sponsored by BASCOM, a developer of secure school web sites. contains links to nearly 2,000 sites for students, teachers, and parents, with a special emphasis on practical information. The site recently added 200 new linked resources, with some links offering streaming radio and video. “Learning the Net” and “Microsoft Product Tutorials” are new to the list as well. Other notable features include curriculum-related links for major subject areas, reference links, links related to high school and college, and teacher and parenting links. The site is pretty bare-bones, with no bells or cyber-whistles, but it scores high for ease of use. Addressing a plethora of subjects from current events to the arts, colleges and careers, lesson plans and resources, and virtual field trips, this site is a great way to locate materials to supplement lesson plans.