Intel Corp. announced in March that it has launched a number of new online resources for teachers who want to teach with technology. New features on Intel’s education web site include a lesson-plan database, called “Units and Lesson Plans,” with topics ranging from history and science, to math, English, and foreign languages. Each lesson plan includes resources and examples of how to conduct lessons, all available for downloading at no charge. Another new feature is “Ask our Teachers,” which enables teachers to consult with expert teachers on using technology to improve instruction. Finally, Intel continues to offer its “Journey Inside” technology literacy course, which uses interactive experiments and multimedia to help middle school teachers and students discover how computers and the internet work. The Journey Inside is divided into two parts. The “Student” section is similar to an online science museum, filled with activities such as a virtual microscope. The “Teacher Guide” includes tools to help teachers customize the activities in the “Student” section to fit the needs of their classes.