Visiting museums can be a wonderful complement to classroom lecture and discussion. Many museums have developed high-quality web sites that offer valuable educational content, and by perusing the web site prior to a visit, teachers can ensure that the trip to the museum will be a success.

Here are some ideas about how to make the most of the a real museum visit by taking a virtual visit first:

  1. Visit the site and review its content.

  2. Decide which parts will be most relevant to your students.

  3. Find out how quickly the site loads onto the computer to ensure that you can avoid downtime in the classroom.

  4. Assess whether the information on the site is most relevant at the start of a subject unit or later in the course. And, make sure to schedule the museum visit at the right time.

  5. Use the online review to instruct students about behavior at a museum.

  6. If possible, contact museum staff and find out if they will answer online questions from students prior to or after a visit.

  7. Encourage students to explore the web site as a prelude to an in-person visit and to figure out which sections of the museum they wish to visit.