, an old favorite for educational content, has created the online Weather Watcher series, where kids can create their own weather conditions through a simulated Weather Maker, track storms, and learn how meteorologists collect data and make forecasts. Through the activities on the Weather Watch web site, kids can learn about the causes of weather patterns; speak to experts as they track hurricanes, blizzards, and other severe weather patterns; and create their own hands-on weather projects. The “Creating Weather Conditions” feature allows students to turn a sunny day into a wintry blizzard by sliding simulated temperature and humidity scales up and down, as a graphic image displays each weather condition. Real-weather experiments also can be conducted, teaching kids to use tools such as thermometers, wind vans, barometers, and more. “Answers from Experts” is a question-and-answer section led by Dr. Jeffery Masters and Jim Murphy, author of Blizzard: The Storm that Changed America. Classrooms also can connect to each other online, share projects, compare results, and post findings. The site even includes a timeline of the most memorable blizzards in history. It’s a great introduction to the scientific factors that influence the weather around us.