This simple, straightforward web page contains some general guidelines for creating school web sites, as well as a list of content ideas to help school technologists select appropriate material to place online. The site’s authors recommend selecting site components that make the most sense for the type of school, the number of people available to create and maintain the home page, and the interests of the web page creators. For examples of web content created by other schools, visitors to the site can refer to the tutorial notes for “Introduction to the Internet for Teachers.” Once school technologists have decided on the content for their web site, they can use a set of specially designed school web page templates to get started. These templates include design ideas for home pages, as well as a variety of layouts for subsidiary pages. In addition, graphic artists in the community have donated school-related illustrations that can be used to liven up the web pages. The site’s creators also recommend that before embarking on a design of your own, it is helpful to critically examine other school web sites. The School Web Page Development Guide was created by Mass Networks Educational Partnership with funding from Sun Microsystems.