According to its creator, Forde Multimedia Consulting, this site was launched to encourage debate on the merits and pitfalls of using educational technology in schools. The site provides direct links to published articles and information written by opponents to technology in schools (EdTechNots), enthusiastic supporters of the eSchool movement (EdTechYeses), and those who have reservations about embracing or rejecting technology across the board (you guessed it: EdTechMaybes). The site’s creator, Jim Forde, said, “I hope that this space will be a refreshing change from the corporate ‘rah-rah’ associated with each new product launch.” Forde also hopes it will encourage those who are feeling battered by the increasingly trendy “techno-phobic” side of the issue. “As all real teachers know, both sides are right … and wrong,” he said. The site also links to organizations and top ed-tech research to help educators and administrators find “fuel” for their debates.