Produced by WETA, the public television broadcasting station in Washington, D.C., this web site gathers information about Washington’s local history, its role as the epicenter of the federal government, the importance of the African-American community in the city, and the succession of United States presidents. This glossy site is filled with photos of the Capitol, both past and present, and provides a great resource for teachers and students planning field trips or internships in the nation’s capitol this summer. Each neighborhood in D.C. has been thoroughly researched, and local attractions are highlighted with fascinating anecdotes and historical trivia. WETA also has created lesson plans to support each section, with a host of ideas for classroom activities. The lesson plans are suitable for intermediate and high school students, and topics range from the formal and informal roles of the president, to Washington during the Civil War, to the role of the Supreme Court, to the influence of Frederick Douglass in the District of Columbia. A timeline and a list of audio files complete the site.