Tapped In is an online community of K-12 teachers and librarians, professional development staff, teacher education faculty and students, and researchers. The site helps education agencies, philanthropic organizations, and for-profit organizations use the internet to connect with and support teachers via the web. The technology that supports the community is a web-based, multi-user virtual environment designed to support large numbers of education professionals in a single virtual place. An integrated set of communication mechanisms (speaking, whispering, paging, nonverbal actions) and support tools (virtual whiteboards, sharable text documents, web page projection, transcript recorders) enable users to be more expressive than with other types of online tools. Tapped In’s staff helps organizations quickly and effectively plan and conduct online courses, discussions, focus groups, web tours, and other professional development activities, often in conjunction with face-to-face activities and other online technologies. Featuring a live, real-time, online Help Desk service, Tapped In also hosts small group “after school online” activities that teachers attend before their online project begins. Tapped In’s technology currently supports the online activities of more than 20 teacher training programs. http://www.tappedin.org