PASCO Scientific, a maker of electronic measuring equipment for K-12 education, has launched Xplorer, a new handheld data-logging device for science classes. Named for its versatility in or out of the classroom, this educational tool enables teachers to collect data and perform experiments that previously involved laborious and time-consuming set-up.

Xplorer has true plug-and-play capability. As soon as students plug in a sensor and press start, they are taking and displaying data in real-time using a wide variety of sensors, such as temperature, pressure, heart rate, pH, force and motion, and voltage/current. Connected to a computer through the USB port, Xplorer automatically launches software to guide students through graphing and analysis. Students see colorful graphic screens as their data is converted to meaningful information, bringing the lessons to life.

Xplorer is the size of a remote control and comes in a translucent blue hue with lime-green buttons. The device also comes with curriculum materials to help teachers get started; PASCO has partnered with Prentice-Hall and other major textbook publishers. Priced at $149.99, Xplorer is available to order now, but won’t ship until July 1.

More information may be obtained by calling (800) 772-8700 or by visiting