This site is a great resource for budding journalists who want to get an idea of what news reporting is really like. The Paper Lake Times web site gives students a hands-on journalism experience, with answers to important questions for reporters, such as: What makes something newsworthy? What does “freedom of speech” mean? Why do reporters need to be objective, accurate, and fair? After students learn about issues that are important to understanding the basics of journalism, they can take a practice test and move on to learning the skills they need to start writing for the news media. The site provides lessons on how to interview subjects, how to write good lead paragraphs, how to use quotes correctly, and what exactly the “inverted pyramid” in news writing is. Once students gain an understanding of the basic components of news writing, they are encouraged to try their hand at writing a “real” news story for the Paper Lake Times. Young reporters first must read an assignment, then follow the links at the bottom of the page to “interview” residents of fictitious Paper Lake. One of the five assignments challenges students to find out what people are saying about last week’s Board of Education meeting, where school board members mentioned they might consider putting an addition on to Paper Lake Elementary. The young journalists then can write a 200- to 300-word story using the skills they gained and turn it in to the web site. This site is a fun resource with real-life applications.