The DreamMax 700, a rugged portable computer for education developed by NTS/Brainium, offers schools a low-cost technology solution for any classroom. The device features embedded software for added speed, reliability, and resistance to viruses and software tampering. Embedded software also makes the Dream Max 700 more affordable than traditional laptops.

The DreamMax 700 offers the familiar Windows interface, with all the applications students need. It can be used in a stand-alone or thin-client environment. The unit features an industry standard strong-arm processor with a unique internal PCMCIA placement that secures and protects a variety of wireless cards, reducing damage and loss.

Using the DreamMax 700, students will be able to access content-rich server- or web-based software, including NTS’ Science Brainium, in a wireless environment. As an added feature, the DreamMax 700 has a chip developed by Epson that lets users connect to a standard television for use in presentations and collaboration.

The DreamMax 700 integrates with the company’s mobile lab, which secures, recharges, and easily transports the computers between classrooms.

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