Six terrific (and newly updated) web-based resources are:

  1. Online Reader ( This resource from EBSCO Publishing features more than 3,000 full-text articles and quizzes for students in grades four through 12. Teachers can write their own questions to tests. It also features articles for student comprehension; some tests are electronically corrected, and results are recorded.
  2. DocuSeek ( Offers a search engine that can “research” and access more than 1,800 films, chosen from documentary and other worthy categories. Searches can be customized to include a realm of variables, and searches provide comprehensive, detailed information on each film’s background. The companies supporting the project are Bullfrog Films, Fanlight Productions, First Run/Icarus Films, and New Day Films.
  3. African-American History and Culture: An Online Encyclopedia ( This Facts on File resource offers 225 biographies of African-Americans, among other valuable materials. It features an improved, searchable database, including a bibliography. Also available are timelines on the history of slavery and the civil rights movement, as well as photographs of important historical figures.
  4. SIRS Researcher ( SIRS’s updated site has two new main features: a guide to help students understand the new Bush administration, and a section on maps of the world. The section on Bush’s agenda is designed to help students comprehend and analyze the president’s agenda. Maps are available in PDF format, along with a more powerful, searchable database.
  5. The Biography Reference Bank ( This enormous grouping of biographies allows users to access more than 195,000 life stories, with links to full articles. Other features include book reviews, unique biographical synopses, and links to additional biographical resources.
  6. Gale Group ( On this comprehensive site, students can access more than 600 new newspapers and periodicals. Combined with what this site offered previously, these resources now total more than 6,400 sources, about half of which include the entire article that is referenced.