With Symantec Ghost 7.0 Enterprise Edition, no longer will technology staff have to visit each PC workstation to perform routine maintenance or disaster recovery tasks. Developed by California-based Symantec Corp, the software facilitates PC management by allowing administrators to clone, deploy, configure, back up, restore, and distribute software and user-specific images to networked and mobile PCs remotely.

The latest version, Ghost 7.0, gives IT administrators an easy way to bring a PC back to a known and safe environment if a security breach should occur. It includes several new features, including Ghost User Migration, which migrates user data and settings from one PC to another, allowing an administrator to capture user files, directories, and desktop settings and easily copy them to a new PC.

Ghost 7.0 also offers Ghost Incremental Backup, which takes incremental snapshots of a PC’s hard drive to capture changes that have occurred since the last Ghost image. In addition, the Ghost executable file has been redeveloped to be swifter, with a smaller footprint. Users can now clone and refresh machines using the industry-leading disk cloning solution with even greater speed.

More information can be obtained by calling (800) 745-6054 or by visiting http://www.symantec.com