With California and many other states now mandating the teaching of religion in public schools, many educators are left to find their way through the bramble patch created by this sensitive and personal subject. Public school teachers by law must treat religion as an academic topic. That may sound simple, but it generates dilemmas. The issues touch parents and students as well as school personnel, and they extend well beyond the school community–and classroom teachers say they rarely get adequate guidance. “Teaching about Religion with a View to Diversity” is the theme of the resource material found at this web site. The site provides background basics on world religions, but it spurs teachers to focus on pluralism and civic justice. Site developer Dr. Mynga Futrell, a long-time curriculum developer, is no stranger to this thorny topic. “Objectivity in this arena is a nice-sounding goal, but it is terribly hard to obtain,” she said. “Public school teachers need to operate within a neutral conceptual framework.” Teaching about Religion serves teachers, principals, and curriculum and teacher training specialists. The site provides varied resources to the educational community to facilitate teaching about diverse world views. Among them are concept papers, background information, links to free teaching lessons and resources, quotations on religious liberty, and instructive links to other sites. http://www.teachingaboutreligion.org