The stock market isn’t just for insiders any more. Everyone, it seems, watches both the stock market and individual stocks. Here are three stock market simulation games that students can play, combining the excitement of the market with high-quality information about the underlying principles of economics and mathematics that investors and financial analysts must learn:

  1. Day Trader 2001 (CD-ROM) incorporates both the strengths and weaknesses of being a CD-ROM, rather than an online simulation. Because it is a CD, it does not follow the real-life stock market with the immediacy of the other programs. On the other hand, the editors have been able to imbed into the games a fascinating set of occurrences and market surprises that teach valuable lessons.
  2. Investment Challenge ( is a real-time game, a national contest in which individual or teams of students try to increase their portfolios over a set of time. Its downside is that, because it is based in real time, it may be too enticing for students–i.e., it can be extremely time-consuming. It takes 8-10 weeks to complete.
  3. The Stock Market Game ( also uses current, real-time stock data in a national investment contest. However, because it allows trading of stocks only after the close of the market, it is far less likely to draw students’ attention during the school day. Also takes eight to 10 weeks.