The Peace Corps’ World Wise Schools initiative is an innovative educational program that seeks to engage learners in an inquiry about the world, themselves, and others. Goals include broadening perspectives, promoting cultural awareness, appreciating global connections, and encouraging service. Since its inception in 1989 by the late Sen. Paul Coverdell, World Wise Schools has helped more than a million United States students communicate directly with Peace Corps volunteers all over the world. Initially set up as a correspondence “match” program between volunteers and U.S. classes, World Wise Schools has expanded its scope over the past 10 years by providing a broad range of resources for educators–including award-winning videos, teacher guides, classroom speakers, a newsletter, and online resources. Educators can use these materials to teach subjects as varied as language arts, environmental education, and international economics. This useful addition to the Peace Corps site connects educators and students with a volunteer, finds lesson plans relating to different countries, shows video clips (requiring RealPlayer) of Peace Corps educational videos, and lets kids read folk tales recorded by Peace Corps volunteers. It’s an inspiring way to encourage public service and global awareness among students.